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Triglycerides and Heart Disease Risk

Triglycerides and Heart Disease

Triglycerides and heart disease are very intimately related. In fact, increased levels of these fats within the blood have been shown to not only dramatically increase the risk of various conditions of the heart, but also be one of the best predictors of the later development of heart diseases

Triglycerides and Alcohol Consumption Study

Triglycerides and Alcohol Consumption

The relationship between triglycerides and alcohol is a strange one. Studies have shown both positive and negative effects on triglycerides levels from some alcohol consumption. In fact, there is a rather fine line between alcohol being a help or a hindrance on the levels of these necessary blood fats within the body

High Triglycerides and Exercise Routines

Triglycerides and Exercise

Triglycerides are fats that are found within the blood and they come from the foods we eat every day. In healthy amounts, they are incredibly useful to the body. For instance, they help transport cholesterol to the brain where it is used for cell building. And, triglycerides are also used by the body for energy and used in the storage of it