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High Triglycerides Treatment – Medications vs. Natural Options

High Triglycerides Treatment

Elevated triglycerides can lead to a greatly increased risk of both heart attacks and strokes. Therefore, reducing them is important for the long term prevention of these serious health complications. High triglycerides treatment always includes dietary and lifestyle changes in order to reduce the levels of these lipids in the bloodstream

Triglycerides Too High and Pancreatitis Risk Connection

Triglycerides Too High

Both cholesterol and triglycerides are fats in the blood that are very important to the body. They are responsible for many physiological processes. Cholesterol for instance, is useful in cell formation as well as the production of some hormones.

Elevated Triglycerides in Children – What Could Be a Reason?

Elevated Triglycerides in Children

What are triglycerides? They are fats found within the bloodstream and are normal to be present within everyone’s body. They come from the breakdown of foods that are eaten and serve as a means of energy for the body to burn.