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Triglycerides and Heart Disease Risk

Triglycerides and Heart Disease

Triglycerides and heart disease are very intimately related. In fact, increased levels of these fats within the blood have been shown to not only dramatically increase the risk of various conditions of the heart, but also be one of the best predictors of the later development of heart diseases

Carbohydrates Are Major Cause of High Triglycerides

Cause of High Triglycerides

Triglycerides are fats that are found in the blood and they are normally healthy and contribute to important physiological processes. They are used by the body for energy and are used for the storage of it as well. They are also essential to the transport of cholesterol, necessary for brain and nerve health, throughout the body

Low Triglycerides Levels – What Is Causing Triglycerides to Be Low?

Low Triglycerides Levels

What are triglycerides? Well, they are fats that are broken down from digested foods that the body can use for energy. Excess amounts are typically stored within the body for use later. They are necessary for many physiological processes, but high triglycerides can lead to long term health complications and lower levels (those under 150 md/dL) are typically considered healthy. Oddly enough, sometimes low triglycerides can actually signal a health concern that needs to be evaluated by a medical professional

Triglycerides Too High and Pancreatitis Risk Connection

Triglycerides Too High

Both cholesterol and triglycerides are fats in the blood that are very important to the body. They are responsible for many physiological processes. Cholesterol for instance, is useful in cell formation as well as the production of some hormones.